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Sometimes it’s a good idea to go back to basics when it comes to finance. Check out our simple videos below that explain some core financial topics & lessons.

Simple Explainer Videos for Accountancy Topics

This is where we will post updates on some simple financial topics – with the end goal of encouraging a positive thought process around your financials. So please watch, and feel free to get in touch to ask what we can do to help. This way, we can both feel more secure about your finances and keep things running smoothly – no surprises. Keep an eye on this page for more installments.

The Time Value of Money

The Time Value of Money represents the difference in value between money now, or money later. With the obvious principal being that money received now, rather than later, can be invested now, and turn into a larger amount of money than if you had just received the money later. David Bacht, author of ‘Smart Couples Finish Rich’ says, “Becoming rich is nothing more than a matter of committing and sticking to a systematic savings and investment plan,” adding that, “You don’t need to have money to make money. You just need to make the right decisions—and act on them.” What David is saying, is that money invested correctly, and systematically – will yield large results. So taking a little money every day, and putting it toward investment – is the key to a financially stable and secure future with ultimate peace of mind. David Baht also developed a table to determine how much he recommends you save each day, in order to retire at age 65. Keep in mind, this assumes you are investing at a standard interest rate. Have a look below (David Bacht, Smart Couples Finish Rich, 2002):

Investment Risk & Return

Investment Risk and return is often referred to as the “ability to sleep at night” test. Some are ‘risk lovers’ – meaning that they are completely A-OK with what’s called ‘financial skydiving’ – jumping onto an investment, with a semi-working parachute (financial safety net), for a bigger reward. Others are ‘risk averse’ when it comes to investments – meaning they are more comfortable using the ladder, or taking the stairs, with a harness on the whole time. But usually, the safer route has a smaller return.
So basically, Investment Risk & Return means budgeting the balance between using the least amount of safety equipment required to comfortably make the largest investment return a realistic possibility.
Check out the video – and contact Marsh Tincknell Accountants to make sure you’ve got enough ‘safety equipment’ to be making the best investment decisions, while minimising risk. We’re the experienced and know exactly what to do when it comes to Investment Risk & Return. Worried about your investments? Think you could be doing better? Contact Marsh Tincknell Accountants today.


“The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor” – unknown. This quote speaks for so much. Debt is something we don’t want to think about, naturally, but when the going gets tough the last thing you need on your back is a creditor chasing you down. Even if you think your debt is under control, it’s a good idea to consider an old Persian proverb: “There are four things every person has more of than they know; sins, debt, years, and foes.”
Check in with Marsh Tincknell Accountants today to check the health of your debt, business or personal finances – we’re seasoned experts with the experience and knowledge to assist you from almost any situation.


This is simple stuff we all know – but it’s one thing to understand budgeting, and it’s another to actively enforce and practise it.

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