Randall Corless


Randall Corless


Randall Corless – Background

Randall Corless has more than 28 years experience working within his own Accountancy practice – primarily assisting his clients to thrive and grow their business – 

While being a qualified Chartered Accountant, he has always focused well beyond matters of compliance, and profit and loss, instead choosing to help clients achieve their financial goals in order to maximize freedom of choice and peace of mind. 

Practicing what he preaches, over the past three decades, Randall and his fellow directors have built their own highly successful and profitable accountancy practice, which now employs in excess of 45 staff. There are very few scenarios or issues Randall has not encountered.

Randall’s areas of specialization:

Business growth workshops
Business planning and coaching
Organisational reviews
Succession planning
KPI improvement
Core values development
One-on-one coaching
Business structures
Tax effectiveness

“No two clients have identical aspirations, but I believe all crave the freedom that comes with having enough money to live the life you want to. In that sense, we are not in the accountancy business or financial advisory business – we are in the peace of mind business”. – Randall Corless.