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Marsh Tincknell Accountants Brisbane give a wrap up of their most recent Boardroom Breakfast with Pat Welsh.

News reporters, as a breed, are rarely regarded as being among the most trustworthy professionals in our community. In any public poll, news hounds are more likely to be found down towards the bottom of the list, alongside real estate agents and car salesmen, rather than up the top with the nurses, pharmacists and doctors.

Clearly however, there are exceptions to that rule.

We were recently joined in our boardroom by Pat Welsh, a veteran of more than 40 years’ experience, covering sport for the Seven Network.

What was apparent, beyond the enormous passion Welsh had for his work, was the sense of responsibility he felt reporting the new, and telling the stories – the triumphs and the tumbles – of Australia’s top athletes.

This perhaps in part explains why Welsh is so well regarded, inside both the media and the sports industries.

From the moment he first stood in front of a camera in 1977, a naive, wide-eyed teenager from Bundaberg, Welsh has focused on doing the right thing by his interview subjects, and indeed his news sources.

He’s taken a long term approach – rather than blowing up bridges, he’s built them – in front of him, behind him, even running parallel beside him.

His word is his word. He tells the truth, but he only tells the public – his audience – what they really need to know. The gossip, the scandal, the rumours remain unspoken.

While Pat Welsh might question or criticise a single performance, he’s far less willing to criticise a sportsman’s intent or character. The word “choker”, for instance, has deliberately not been aired or even uttered once in 40 plus years – that includes covering eight Olympics (five summer and three winter) where “choking” (we’re led to believe) is as common as it is in a pre-school playground.

At Marsh Tincknell – Accountants Brisbane, we regularly talk to our clients about key ingredients of business success, exploring matters well beyond the financial staples of cash flow, profitability and business efficiency.

The insights that came from Pat Welsh were invaluable.

Think long-term, do the right thing by people, build trust, build bridges, question effort but not character – these principles are powerful, and apply as readily to one industry as they do to the next.


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