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Tax Myths You Need to Avoid

Tax time is nearly here and we’re guessing a lot of you are already cross-eyed looking for ways to minimize your returns. But, don’t fall for these tax myths because you’re the one who’s going to be sorry in the end.

Here’s one myth that we bet a lot of people are going to struggle with:

Unless you’re required to transport bulky tools or equipment to work because it’s not safe to store those items at your workplace, you cannot claim the home-to-work commute on your tax return. Even if you’re only heading to the office periodically during COVID-19 and working from home the remainder of the time, you cannot claim your commutes as an expense.

There are a lot of great advice here. So, if you’re interested in minimizing your mistakes in filing, just read the rest of this short article at this link to Smart Company.

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