ATO Tips and Tutorials

Make sure you’re ready for tax time with the following tips and instructional videos

Using the Business Portal

Watch these four short videos to help you navigate through some of the ATO Business Portal’s functions

What you can do on the Business Portal

How to complete or revise an activity statement

How to update details on the Business Portal

How to view accounts and request refunds or transfers on the Business Portal

Australian Taxation Office Videos

Keeping your receipts for work-related expenses has never been easier with myDeductions. Download the free ATO app now.

Claiming deductions just got easier

How to claim the work-related expenses

How to add an expense using myDeductions

How to manage a vehicle using myDeductions

Receiving myDeductions data from your client

Get your deductions right

Electronic devices as a work-related expense

What is Division 293 tax?

A quick demonstration of lodging with myTax

The story of Project Wickenby

Super for the self employed

Tax Tricks That Will Get You In Trouble

What happens if you go over the super contributions caps

Putting money into superannuation – before tax contributions

Putting money into superannuation – after tax contributions

Tax basics for Small Business

Keeping your receipts for work-related expenses has never been easier with myDeductions. Download the free ATO app now.

Tax basics for small business – introduction

Tax basics for small business – overview

Are you in business?

Choosing your business structure

Registering your business

Activity statements

Goods and services tax

Paying your tax

Business deductions

Business deductions: travel expenses

Business deductions – Motor vehicle expenses

Business deductions – Home office expenses

Business deductions – Depreciation

Tax concessions

Fuel tax credits

Record keeping

Personal services income (PSI)

Doing your business overseas

Selling or closing your business

Paying your workers

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when paying your employees such as; superannuation, pay as you go withholding and fringe benefits tax. The following videos will assist you in paying your workers appropriately.

Is your worker an employee or a contractor?

Pay as you go withholding


Fringe benefits tax

Payments to contractors

Your Business and Tax

These videos (11 chapters) will help you understand what you need to know about your business and tax in Australia. Also available in 5 other languages.

Things you need to know

Choosing the right structure

Different kinds of tax

Registering your business

Deductions and offsets

Employing other people


Record keeping

Doing things online

Meeting your obligations

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