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Our consulting and advice solutions provide you with the comfort of knowing your business is in the right hands, with the right assistance. 

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Consulting & Advice

     Business Valuations

Do you know the full value of your business? How do you ensure you’re paying the right price for a business? It’s important to get the right valuation done whether you are buying or selling. We are specialists in finding the value a business brings and setting a price to use for the sale/purchase.

     Business Appraisals

How healthy is your business? A Business Appraisal can help to indicate the potential value and is a faster process than a full valuation of a business. We’re experts at this.

     Business Sales/Mergers – Business Negotiations – Business Startups

The life cycle of a business is something we’re very familiar with. Over 28 years we have gained the wisdom and experience required to help get the best outcomes for sales/mergers and we are a reliable co-driver when it comes to business negotiations. We have assisted numerous clients starting their own business and have countless success stories that we are proud to stand by, including start-ups that have gone on to win national awards and expand globally.

     Succession Planning

It’s common for business owners to not want to think about the end of their business – but it’s something we must all pay attention to and plan for. We help clients look at outcomes that would occur if they were to step away from their business today, and then plan a slow exit from their business over time that will lead to a much better result.

     CEO/CFO Functions

Often a business simply needs an external consultant with experience in their industry to weigh in on and lead business decisions. Our senior consultants and directors often undertake these duties and responsibilities. Use us as a pillar to lean on make use of our wisdom and experience, without needing to hire a full time CFO or CEO.

     Business Analysis

Our clients receive excellent value from us simply by being able to analyse their business from a professional perspective and identify business needs. Potential solutions could be anything from organisational change to the introduction of relevant and purposeful technology. A Business Analysis will help reveal areas to focus on in your business.

     Wealth Strategies

While you may initially need help with accounting and compliance matters, that’s only part of the puzzle. What we find is that most of our clients really want peace of mind, financial success and, ultimately, freedom of choice. That’s where our wealth building strategies come into play with our own in-house team, MT Wealth. We offer financial planning to ensure that you have confidence in the future of your finances and are making the most out of your investments.

     Estate Planning 

What happens to your assets when you’re no longer here? Our in house expert specialises in estate planning and assists you to ensure you get the best possible outcome in the future. We make the process as smooth and painless as possible every step of the way.

     Management Reporting

Management reporting looks at particular segments of your business and tells you how effective they are. This service allows you to analyse certain business areas and take corrective action if necessary.



     Budget Preparation

Out most successful clients have a clear budget prepared, and a process in place to ensure they stick to it. We go through this process with you as a core component of our service offering because we find this is a cornerstone to the success of every business.

     Budget Monitoring

Once we set up a budget for your business we ensure the business is there to serve you – not the other way around. This means monitoring your financials and ensuring the business is sticking to its budget. At the end of the day, if growth plans and budgets are followed – then the business will deliver the value that the stakeholders require.

     Profit Reports

It’s important for businesses to know where they sit in terms of profit, to make sure they are performing where they need to be and delivering the money that is necessary. We report on this metric for you and consider it paramount to your business’ success. But over and above this, we make sure you understand what we are reporting, why, and what you can do to improve the numbers.

     Net Worth Reports

As part of understanding the picture of where your business sits financially, we need to look at your overall net worth. This means setting up reporting to tell you what the business owns and owes. Again, we sit down with you personally to ensure you understand the numbers and what they mean.

     Superannuation and SMSF, Risk Management 

Our superannuation department, Virtu Self Managed Super Specialists, get you the best outcome when it comes to your retirement and superannuation funds. Our dedicated team will work with you to take care of your SMSF’s and provide a personal approach to securing your future. We also make sure your insurances and overall risk management are taken care of, providing ultimate comfort and confidence.

     Asset Protection

It’s an important part of any business to make sure that you are protected against the worst case scenario. Asset protection may come down to your business structure and could extend all the way through to business insurances. Depending on your unique situation, we will determine the level of protection required, and the methods necessary to achieve it.

     Due Diligence

Before purchasing a business, it is very important to do your research and check any risks that may be present. When it comes to due diligence, there’s a fine line between checking everything necessary and investing the right amount of time to do so. We have the wide industry knowledge and experience necessary to hit the right balance each time and understand the pressing areas to check when it comes to unique due diligence situations.

     Business Structures

Business structures are a fundamental part of the work we undertake to ensure that you achieve the best tax outcome. This often means separating you from your business in a legal sense and building trust structures to protect your personal assets. All of our senior team are experts at setting these structures up, and explaining them to you in a manner that makes sense.

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