Optimising Business Structures

In an ever increasing litigious corporate climate, there can be no substitute for proactively attending to the structure of your assets in a legal and commercial manner – and most importantly out of harm’s way.

Whether  you are setting up a new business, or on the brink of a significant change or development in your existing venture, choosing the right business structure is vital to maximise tax advantages, minimise exposure and protect your assets and intellectual property.

At Marsh Tincknell, we work closely with you to determine the best legal and commercial structure for your business, considering factors such as:

  • ownership structure
  • industry
  • assets/investments involved
  • flexibility required
  • succession planning
  • exit strategies
  • and future growth and employment strategies.

We can also set up processes and systems for financial management for the day to day running of your business.

For many years, Marsh Tincknell has been at the forefront of ‘up to the minute’ strategies for asset protection. Our significant commitment to the development of commercial, legal and effective structuring solutions will ensure that you have the best protection.

We establish the most effective structure for your individual needs, addressing asset protection, but also factoring in tax advantages, flexibility, succession planning, exit strategies and cash flow management.