Raffino Business Solutions

Raffino Business Solutions focus on improving business processes and team performance in order to create a productive and profitable business. We have significant expertise and experience in assisting business owners with strategy, marketing and sales, financial management and measuring business performance. Typical client outcomes are:

  • Clarity about the future
  • An outstanding team that shares the owner’s values
  • Great leadership and management skills
  • Dedicated time to work on business strategy and development
  • Higher sales and profitability
  • An efficient business where things get done with a sense of urgency
  • Less stress and day to day reliance on the owner
  • A more sustainable, valuable and enjoyable business.

Common Business Problems

There are 8 common business problems:

  • Low profit or poor cash flow
  • Staff issues such as poor culture, teamwork or unclear roles
  • Poor or inefficient processes leading to low productivity
  • Lack of structural alignment between functions or poor execution of strategies
  • Insufficient revenue due to not enough clients due to ad hoc marketing
  • Owner stress and huge work hours
  • Lack of clarity about the present state of the business, and how to identify the root cause of the problems
  • Lack of clarity about the future and how to move forward or change.

About Us

Raffino Business Solutions have been assisting Queensland business owners to meet their personal and business goals since 2004. We work with our clients to help them solve their problems and give them perfect clarity about what they wish to achieve, and how to achieve it. We leave them with better leadership skills, more money, better systems, a more collaborative team, and the knowledge that someone else actually cares about their business as they can talk to us at any time.

We have significant expertise and experience in areas such as systems, people, financial management, marketing, sales and strategy. We guarantee to pull a result for our clients. We provide real solutions to our clients’ problems in a short time frame because we can understand and get to the root cause of the problem.

Raffino use the philosophy of creating a business that is ‘sale or succession ready’, whether that is your intention or not. By preparing your business to be ‘sale or succession ready’ a more sustainable, valuable and enjoyable business is created, as the performance in each business area is dramatically improved.

We work with Marsh Tincknell. We are proud to partner with Marsh Tincknell to assist their clients in reaching their goals and attaining freedom. Please contact your manager at Marsh Tincknell on 3422 8000 to discuss how Raffino may be able to assist.

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