Recently Marsh Tincknell hosted a Business women’s breakfast – part of our annual commitment to getting our clients and some of their business associates, together to think about matters beyond profit and loss, debits and credits. That’s our job – it doesn’t need to be theirs as well!

We heard from Frith Graham, a woman who some five years ago, established a business called Girls Trekking Adventures in company with long time friend and neighbour, Lyn Morrison.

Frith was very, very clear, why she and Lyn had established their business, and it had absolutely nothing to do with money. It was about their genuine passion for the “space” they were entering.

“Without question, our passion for trekking and the great outdoors has been what has made us successful,” Frith said, referencing the growth which now has them conducting trekking tours on four different continents.

“From the outset, we believed that if we immersed ourselves in something we really enjoyed, financial success would follow. We could work 100 hours a week, and it still wouldn’t seem like work.”

Beyond the starting point of passion, Frith pinpointed a handful of other key factors that had weighted heavily in their growth. In no particular order:


“Lyn is the yin to my yang, I am the bull at the gate risk taker, and she is the considered, cautious voice. Join forces with somebody who brings a different skill set to the table – a good foil!”


“I mean real commitment. No dabbling. Get in and make things happen. Don’t second guess yourself.”


“We really understand our target market. GTA was created by women, for women. For instance, women want their trek, but they also like their Champagne, too. They want things organized, but not to be herded like a pack of sheep. Do your research. Understand the needs of the people you’re trying to appeal to.”


Learn, grow. Enrol in courses. Nobody knows it all – there are so many opportunities for improvement in all of us.”


“From day one we have systemised, run a tight set of accounts, and taken ourselves seriously when looking AT the business.”


Keep evolving. This year for us it’s a corporate arm. That’s right – we’re even letting the blokes in on our secret! Exercise, beautiful scenery, fresh air, great wine, food and conversation – that works for men too!”