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Every month we host complimentary business workshops, and every month we are full to capacity in our boardrooms. Maybe it’s the free breakfast? Maybe it’s the books we give away each time?

Reviews from past attendees suggest it’s actually the content, and the speaker. Some of our recent feedback has been:

“I found Marsh Tincknell’s business growth workshop this year with Randall Corless was educational, relatable and extremely relevant. The session was kept open and informal so we could discuss our own business challenges and successes, which made all the growth strategies Randall spoke about a bit more down to earth. I also found it useful to leverage Randall’s extensive experience and understanding of the current state of competition and business growth. For anyone looking to clear their mind and focus on what’s really important in their business – I would highly recommend attending 7 Ways to Grow Your Business.”

Gary Weis – Small Business Internet Marketing (SBIM)

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We collect feedback sheets from each and every event attendee and the stats don’t lie – see what they’ve all had to say about their experiences so far below:

  • <p>How many said the seminar exceeded their expectations?</p> 98.7%
  • <p>How many found the seminar style ‘Excellent’</p> 98.6%
  • <p>How many rated the content covered ‘Excellent’</p> 99.3%
  • <p>How many rated the value gained from the seminar as ‘Excellent’</p> 99.3%