By Peter Marsh – Partner

As an avid reader, I was delighted to come across a book recently that resonated with me and gave me much food for thought. Written by one of our clients, Marcus Riley, the book is called Booming – A Life-Changing Philosophy for Ageing Well.

Marcus is the CEO of Ballycara Retirement Village and Aged Care Facility at Scarborough. He is very active in this field and holds the role of Chairman as well as various other roles in a number of international organisations that deal with aged care and older persons. He is also heavily involved in the establishment of a UN Convention for the rights of older persons.

Through his personal experience with aged family members, his association with the residents of Ballycara, and his work with other international organisations, Marcus has gained extensive knowledge of and keen insight into the challenges faced by the elderly. More importantly, he has also developed an appreciation and understanding of how the older generation can continue to live a full life if they so desire.

While reading Booming, it struck me that although the book is aimed at the aged members of our society (in particular those above 60), it is relevant to all age groups because we all want to live a full life – not just as we age, but at all stages of our lives.

I encourage you to read this book because I believe it contains valuable advice we can all apply to our lives, regardless of our age. With Marcus’s kind permission, below is a snapshot of the book’s core principles.

Your True Self

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

(Ralph Waldo Emerson – Philosopher and Poet).

To truly be able to live a fulfilled life and to help others, you must first understand who your true self is.

Until we can say, “I know me, the real me. I accept myself, I like myself, I understand my limitations, and I understand the heights I’m capable of reaching. This is how I’ll live my life. These are the things I want to do.” we cannot control how we live, what we do and feel, and who we associate with. To truly get the best out of your life, sit down, sit back and truly understand who you are as a person.

A Sense of Purpose

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”

(Gautama, Buddha, Ascetic & Sage).

Contemplate the question, “What am I going to do?” and apply it to years or decades of your life. Years of your life which you perhaps haven’t thought too much about in terms of how you’re going to live each day and why you’re going to do the things you may do. In other words, what will be your purpose?

Nobody can or should tell us what our purpose is. We need to understand for ourselves what that purpose is, or perhaps think of it in the other way – what is it that gives me purpose?

If we’re blessed with a sense of purpose, we will rise above personal qualms and boldly tackle a difficult challenge head on.

Positively Speaking

“Positive Thinking…..changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I’m positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.”

(Harvey Mackay – Businessman, Author, Columnist).

While having something to feel positive about at some future time is a powerful motivator, there’s also lots to be said for getting excited about what’s happening in the here and now. Revel in each moment as it happens. As the Indian author and spiritual master Amit Ra says, “Mindfulness is observing the beauty of every moment unfolding before us.” Let’s take the time to feel great that we’re alive right now to appreciate our relationships, passions and the wonders of nature that we perhaps have been too busy or stressed to notice before. In every sense, stop and smell the roses.

It’s All in the Planning

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

(Antoine D Saint – Exupery, Writer and Poet).

No control. Decisions about my life being made by others. The lack of options about where I live, about what I do, about my lifestyle. With good reason, these are among our greatest fears and worries through life. Well, there is a silver bullet when it comes to losing control – planning!

Planning is the secret to keeping control for as long as we live. Control over what we do, what may be done to or for us. Good planning enables us to make the most of the choices that are available across all phases of our life.

The surest way to achieve your goals and to get the best out of life is to sit down and plan what it truly is that you want to achieve in your life and to put a plan in place.

If you know where it is you want to go and what it is you want to achieve, you have a much better chance of having a fulfilled life.

Marcus makes a good case for living by these four simple principles, not only during our older years but also throughout our whole life. I agree with him. We all have much to gain by making the decision to apply these principles and enjoy and celebrate every fabulous stage of our lives. As Marcus says in this book, you will truly boom.

Marcus’ book Booming is available online and at leading book retailers.