Just because social distancing and lockdowns are in effect doesn’t mean that building your business has to come to a halt. Here’s an article from Lifehacker that  shares a few things that you can do to help you and your business hit the ground running when the pandemic is over.

Here’s one that’s really thought-provoking:

There are probably a bunch of things you do that you know could be done better but you lack the time to stop what you’re doing and objectively assess whether with there’s a better way. A great example is customer management. Can you easily answer questions like what they last talked to you about, what they ordered or when they will order again?

Or perhaps tasks get missed as your team loses track of who’s doing what.

There are lots of tools for doing these things and more. And while they can cost you some money, there are a few that have limited free offerings that are good enough.

This post is such a breath of fresh air in this doom and gloom season. Let’s get to work!

Read the source article at Lifehacker Australia