Launching a startup can get pretty chaotic. And if you don’t cover your legal bases early on, it can get even messier. This article from Forbes can help you prevent that. It’s called 15 Big Legal Mistakes Made By Startups.

In it, Richard Harroch, Lynne Hermle, and Ellen Ehrenpreis, combine their collective experience for an in-depth look at the legal conundrums that startups usually face. Here’s one suggestion that we thought we should echo:

If you start your company with co-founders, you should agree early on about the details of your business relationship. Not doing so can cause significant legal problems down the road (a good example of this is the infamous Zuckerberg/Winklevoss Facebook litigation). Think of the founder agreement as a form of “prenuptial agreement.”

Did you exercise due diligence before you launched your startup? If you want to cover all your bases, give the rest of this article a read. Just click on the link below to gain access… 

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