Came across this interesting this article from The Motley Fool and immediately thought it was worth sharing. It’s called 4 Must-Have Documents for a Peaceful Retirement

In it, Sam Swenson shares some valuable insights. Here’s a short snippet:

There are numerous cases in which a Will can provide comfort to the person creating it, especially if that person has descendants who are unable to handle or manage money. It’s not as if avoiding the creation of a Will in some way benefits you; if you don’t take the time to create one and you haven’t listed beneficiaries on any of your financial accounts, the state in which you live will simply distribute your assets for you — and not necessarily in the same way you would have.

Sam Swenson

The rest of the article gets even more in-depth. So, if you want to read more of it, just click on this link to the full article at the Motley Fool website.