How does that saying go? “Be careful what you wish for, lest it comes true.” Well, some employees are experiencing this very thing with their forced work from home situation. This article from Digiday focuses on this. It’s titled ‘You have no excuse why you can’t work’: Agency employees grapple with burnout.

In it, Kristina Monllos shares some interesting insights. Here’s one that really drove them home:

As agencies and brands adapt to the new work from home reality amid the coronavirus pandemic, a familiar issue is starting to crop up once again: Burnout. With many agencies — like other companies — nearly four weeks into working remotely due to lockdowns across the country, agency employees say they are starting to feel burnout due to agencies’ current “always on” mentality.

So, what are you doing to keep this from affecting your bottom line? If you’re stumped, the rest of this article has some more actionable insights for you so check it out at the link below… 

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