In this fascinating piece from Smallbiz-Resources, we learn a thing or two about the benefits of hiring freelancers. It’s called 5 Benefits of Using Freelancers to Grow Your Business.

Here’s one benefit that we just can’t help but echo:

The costs of hiring a new employee can be prohibitive in some cases. From recruiting to interviewing to onboarding, you have a lot of expenses before the person ever lays foot in your office.

Once he or she is on staff, you are then faced with expenses such as: salary, benefits, equipment, office space, and much more.

When you hire a freelancer/independent contractor, many of these expenses never come into play. You’re not required to pay Social Security, Medicare and other payroll taxes.

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Are you still considering hiring one? The rest of this article has almost everything you need to know so that you can finally pull the trigger on it…

Read the source article at Small Biz Resources