Vishen Lakhiani share some valuable insights here. It’s an article called Here’s How Businesses Can Thrive In The Wake Of This Global Pandemic.

In it, the founder of Mind Valley shares some of his wisdom. Here’s a short snippet:

So instead of focusing on our revenue numbers, we chose to focus on conversions. We set a new goal of converting every visitor to our site into a Mindvalley customer.

Which is why we’re currently completely revamping our website and the Mindvalley platform. We know that once we provide the best customer experience and value for our visitors, they won’t hesitate to invest in our products.

So remember, focus on what’s important. Once you have focus, you’ll automatically know what your next steps should be.

It’s a short but fulfilling read. So, if you want to see the rest of it, click on the link below…

Read the source article at Mindvalley Blog