Finding the right insurance provider can be a huge boon to your business. It is, however, not easy to find the perfect one for you. 

This piece from McKinsey & Company makes some interesting points on insurance companies and offers. This one, in particular, absolutely deserves a share: 

Currently, the SME insurance market accounts for an estimated AU $9.4 billion in general insurance premiums. However, a recent report by the Insurance Council of Australia found that some 13 percent of these companies are not insured, and 1.9 percent report being underinsured. Reasons reported for lack of insurance or underinsurance include being too busy to arrange insurance, price levels being too high, and a lack of awareness of risk exposures.

It’s a great article if you want to make an informed choice when picking out your insurer. Give the rest of it a read…

Read the source article at McKinsey & Company