Here’s an interesting piece from the Syndey Morning Herald. It’s called JobKeeper changes demanded as businesses face Solomon-like choices.

In it, Shane Wright shares about the nuances of the JobKeeper program of the Australian government. Here’s a short excerpt to give you snapshot:

Lauren Woodall and Julia Challenor have run the Kiss the Sky graphic design business for the past 15 years. They have structured the NSW-based business, which has suffered an 80 per cent drop in turnover, as a partnership.

But the JobKeeper program explicitly denies JobKeeper payments to more than one partner.

Ms Woodall and Ms Challenor must decide which of them will be covered by JobKeeper, which pays $1500 a fortnight, and who will go on to JobSeeker, which pays $1100.

“We would be better off if each of us were sole traders and we could each get JobKeeper, but we’re a partnership and we’re being penalised for that,” Ms Woodall said.

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