This really fascinating article from American Express really connected with us. It’s called 27 Money-Saving Tips From Successful Small Businesses.

It has some real gems. This one’s a particularly interesting nugget of wisdom:

Telecommuting isn’t possible for all businesses, or for all employees within a business, but when it is, it can be a huge money-saver. Pascale’s business was founded as an all-virtual agency from its beginning six years ago. Keeping things virtual allows small businesses such as Pascale’s to avoid the expense of office space and the ongoing operating costs that come with it, and focus on producing work at minimum overhead. If you’re not able to convert your entire staff to a telecommuting situation, find a way to convert at least some of them.

Wanna learn more ways to save money for your business? Take a look at the rest of this piece because it’s got a lot of interesting ways. 

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