This fascinating piece from Entrepreneur’s got a lot of interesting insights. It’s called How Small Businesses Can Leverage AI to Battle Bigger Competitors.

In it, Sarah Austin shares some ways how A.I. can be used even in the smallest of businesses. Here’s one point in particular that we found truly thought-provoking:

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of scores of data that major corporations have at their fingertips, but they can still work with what what’s available to them, whether it’s a new business on the rise or a long-time mom-and-pop shop. Using predictive modeling tools to analyze customer relationship management (CRM) data helps businesses of all kinds discover patterns that can go undetected by the untrained eye, providing insights on how to best target future customers or clients and improve current customer retention.

There’s a lot of info to be digested from this article. So, if you want to learn more about it, read it in its entirety at this link to