There are some phenomenal perspectives in this article from Smart Company. We thought it’d be beneficial if we shared it with you.

It’s called Why It’s Up to Aussiepreneurs to Kickstart the Economy In it, Lui Pangiarella shares some valuable insights. Here’s a short snippet:

An Aussiepreneur is someone who moves their business forward every day, and doesn’t stop when it gets hard.

They display the same qualities of endurance and ingenuity that form the ANZAC spirit which we revere in those who have served in our armed forces.

They build relationships because they aren’t in it just for themselves. They’re growing their businesses, not just for the benefit of shareholders, but for the benefit of customers, employees, and the communities that they operate in.

Lui Pangiarella

The rest of the article gets even more in-depth. So, if you want to read more of it, just click on this link to Smart Company‘s website.